Friday, 25 November 2016

Technical Report: Formal Email to Food Canopy Management

Dear Mr Wilson,

I am Rafiana Begam, a first-year SIE (Building Services) student. I have been assigned to a group of three including myself and tasked to research about the food waste in Food Canopy.

From what we know, the canteen at SIT Dover is managed by food canopy and therefore the food waste as well.

Our group would like to consult you and obtain some background information on the process of disposal of food waste by Food Canopy, so that we can have a better understanding before we prepare our proposal. The main items that we require clarification for are as follows:

1. Amount of food waste per day.
2. How is the food waste being disposed?
3. Is there any green initiatives to dispose the food waste?

We would really appreciate it if you could share this information with us this Wednesday, 19 October 2016 at 12pm. Alternatively, if needed, kindly assist us to direct these questions to the relevant people. Many thanks!

Best regards,
Rafiana Begam
Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering
(Building Services)

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