Saturday, 10 December 2016

Critical Reflection

According to Riemer, Faculty of Engineering, Monash University, “Communication skills are an essential component in the education of engineering students to facilitate not just students’ education but also to prepare them for their future careers.” In my opinion, this statement is true indeed and I was fortunate enough to have Effective Communication as one of the module in my first year of studies in Singapore Technology Institute (SIT). In this module I was tasked to create a blog as my portfolio.

For my first blog post, I was assigned to share The Importance of English to me. Through this, I learnt to revise writing using the 7c’s; clarity, conciseness (short and sweet), concrete (how specific the detail), correct, complete (the whole story is there), courteous and coherence (flow fallacies in logic).

For my second blog post, I was assigned to write a formal letter addressed to Brad. Through this, I learnt to adjust the style and tone when conveying different types of information to different group of audience for a particular purpose. I also learnt to choose appropriate subject when writing an email too.

The next blog post was to write a reader response. Through this, I learnt to write effective paraphrases and summarize the news article. In addition, I learnt to develop thesis statements and support it with evidence. Also, I learnt to cite sources correctly using APA citation style, showing academic integrity.

Then, I was assigned a group project to identify and research a problem and propose solutions. Through this, I learnt to identify and think critically about complex problems, formulate solutions and present these orally (during presentation) and in writing a technical report.

In the technical report, I learnt to develop problem and purpose statements and support them with evidence. In addition, I learnt to organize my technical report using the format that had been taught in this module. I believe these can help me in the future report writing.

Throughout this module, there were peer-and-instructor feedback. I learnt to give constructive criticism and feedback to peers courteously. I also receive feedback from my peers. Through this, I can see different perspectives and learnt from them too. Also, I learnt to reply my friends’ feedback courteously. I used not to reply others’ email messages as I thought it was not important to do so. Now, I learnt to reply others’ feedback courteously like what consummate communicator do.

There are also areas of improvements that can be made. I think I would need to further develop on my verb tense inconsistency.

Overall, I have learnt a lot through this module. I would like to thank my instructor Brad, for the guidance he gave. J


Reimer, M. (2007). Communication skills for the 21st century engineer. Global Journal of Engineering Education, 11(1), pp. 89-100.

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  1. Hello Rafiana!

    I am glad that you were able to learn a lot from this module too! I also agree that receiving feedback from others really helped us to see things from different perspectives and learn more about what we are good at and what should we improve on. Hope to meet you again in classes for the next trimester.

    Camille Chua :)

    1. Hi Camille,

      Thank you for the comment. See you around next year!

      Nana Rafiana

  2. This is a clear, comprehensive and succinctly organized reflection, Rafiana. In it you document our module's key focus areas and your growth in each. That is a fine approach, and one that is at the heart of reflective practice.

    Thank you for all your conscientious efforts this term and for your hungry attitude toward learning. All the best as your journey continues!

  3. Dear Brad,

    It's been a fun journey and I hope you enjoyed teaching us as much as we did learning from you. Best wishes to you too! :)

    Nana Rafiana