Saturday, 10 December 2016

Technical Report: Transmittal Letter

To: Brad Blackstone
From: Chong Jun Hao
Date: October, 2016

Dear Brad

Proposal for Implementing Organic Recycling Compost in Singapore Institute Technology (SIT) at Dover

This letter is to inform you of our acknowledgement and response to your authorization. We would like to present to you our following proposal to implement Organic Recycling Compost on the SIT campus.

According to National Environment Agency, the amount of food waste that Singapore generates has increased. This has caused the space in Semakau Landfill to run out exponentially. According to an interview with Mr Wilson, a member of the management committee of SIT (Food Canopy), SIT disposes an estimated of 200kg of food waste every week and does not have any waste recycling system in place. This contributes to the increasing food waste Singapore generates.

In order to reduce food waste by SIT, our team is proposing to implement Organic Recycling Compost on the SIT campus at Dover. The implementation of Organic Recycling Compost is not only economical for the school but also reduces greenhouse emission.

The team would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our proposal. We hope that you will consider our proposed solution of Organic Recycling Compost and take a step closer to extending the life of the Semakau landfill.

Yours sincerely,
Chong Jun Hao
Team leader
On behalf of Team Green Guardian

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